Monday, 26 December 2011

Gorky Park in winter

The sky has settled daily into featureless grey with occasional offerings of snow.

On Saturday we took the metro to Gorky Park. We had visited Gorky Park previously, a few days after we arrived in late November. Not much happening then. A dull place. 
The entrance to Gorky Park
 Gorky Park is about 1.5 kilometres from Red Square, on the opposite side of the Moscow River. It is the first part of a narrow green belt that runs west along the southern shore of a long bend in the river, ending at Sparrow Hills.  

The tame and pleasantly wooded Sparrow Hills is a wilderness compared to the ornamental gardens of Gorky Park.

But from the bleak urban landscape of November, Gorky Park has now transformed into a cheerful little winter world.      
"But Dad, I thought there was only one Ded Moroz!"

OK, so Santa can't skate.
And when I've pushed this one over, you're next, Pinky
Boy meets Mammoth
Wendy meets Moose
That's enough for this post.
Follow this link for the location of Gorky Park on Google Maps


  1. beautiful photographs, I hope to keep up with your daily explorations from tomorrow onwards. Wendy is lucky to have such a wonderful guide! Corinna

  2. Awesome blog! Stumbled on it while googling for a potential upcoming winter vaca to Russia...