Monday, 12 December 2011

Political rallies

I have noticed an increase in hits on this blog from within Russia over the past week. As this coincides with the street rallies that have occurred since the Duma elections held the weekend before last, I assume it is due to Russians searching the internet for related information.

I have no interest in Russian politics other than as a dispassionate observer. I wouldn’t expect an expatriate Russian in my own country, Australia, to fully understand and be making comment about our political goings-on. Likewise, I won’t be making any during my stay in Russia.

For us the rallies have had little impact. I have noticed an increase in police presence, sometimes substantial, near where I live (which is close to Mayakovskaya Metro Station). They have ignored me. Cars, at least, are more likely to stop at pedestrian crossings with so many police around.

We have also been reluctant to visit some of the city squares known to attract rallies. But we had no immediate plans to go to those places anyway. For the most part, Moscow has carried on as usual as far as I can see. People working, shopping, having coffee.

Apart from the occasional appearance of vehicles like this on some streets and an increase in police numbers, from this expats point-of-view, it seems to be life as usual in Moscow.

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