Thursday, 15 December 2011


I see them regularly. Sometimes in the street, often in the pedestrian underpasses (perehods), where it is warmer. Old women, sometimes kneeling on a couple of sheets of cardboard, crossing themselves, swaying. 

A paper cup in hand and perhaps a little picture of the Virgin Mary nearby. In the cup a few roubles, or kopecks. Kopecks are worth so little that I have seen them on the supermarket floor - ignored. But every kopeck matters to these women. 

This time my blog will have to do without a photograph. There are some places one does not intrude.

This is a tough city if you have no money.  

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  1. It is interesting for me to learn an Aussie view on Moscow or Russia in general. I am Russian from Moscow who currently lives in Melbourne.

    I would like to comment this post. These women you saw were professional beggars. They collect rather good sum of money each day, but have to give most of it to their 'bosses' who control this particular spot. Begging Mafia does not allow any outsider to ask for money on Moscow streets.
    Ba'booska is just Russian name for a grandmother.