Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Open air markets

Well, we are halfway through the posting now. Another year and a half to go.

The Rugby World Cup Sevens is being played in Moscow this weekend and I attended a reception for the Australian teams last night. Not that I have the slightest interest in Rugby Union, I'm strictly an Australian Rules guy. But one has to show the teams support.

Every Thursday afternoon temporary stalls are erected in a number of Moscow streets and parks. Over Friday and the weekend, stall holders do a lively business. Mostly they sell fruit and vegetables, but many other small grocery items can be found.

On Fridays I usually buy a kilo of cashews from a stall in Novoslobodskaya. At about 500 roubles (or $15), they are a bargain compared to the price I would pay in Australia. I am going to miss stuffing myself with cashews when we leave Moscow.

The sadly missed Prospect Mira street market

Unfortunately some of these markets have disappeared recently. The large one at Prospect Mira being a notable loss. I have been told the city administration has been closing some down as they interfere with traffic. My opinion is the traffic is interfering with the street markets. 

A gloomy day at at the Prospect Mira market

The Novoslobodskaya market - where I buy cashews

Some of the markets, such as this one at Bagrationovskaya, are off street and run 7 days a week. They appear to be semi-permanent

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