Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Metro 4 - Ploshchad Revolyutsi

Ploshchad Revolyutsi (Revolution Square) metro station was opened in 1938. It's a popular station with visitors to Moscow. I occasionally see people with cameras, even small tour groups, in the station on quiet days. 

The station contains numerous bronze statues of figures engaged in various activities, particularly Soviet-style workers, soldiers and sports people. While I admire the excellent workmanship of the statues, I do find that the station feels a little cramped and gloomy. I was therefore interested to read recently that the government commission that approved the station also noticed this. Apparently it was Stalin’s admiration for the lifelike statues that allowed the opening to proceed as planned.

Ploshchad Revolyutsi station.
  An obvious feature of the statues are the occasional shining golden patches on the otherwise darkly oxidised surfaces. Watching for a while, you will notice people passing by often touch the statues in those spots. The wear of thousands of fingers has kept the metal bright. It seems that touching the statues brings various forms of luck. The girl student’s foot is supposed to remedy a broken love affair and the border guard’s dog brings good luck with exams.

The guard dog's nose gets a good work out from fretting students
The chickens evidently don't offer much luck.

Archway to the platform. Just feels a bit cramped to me.
Tunnel (or perechod) between Plochchad Revolyutsi and Teatralnaya stations. It is possible to move considerable distances under central Moscow using these perechods, which is a great advantage during the winter.


  1. There is also two or three grenades in the soldiers hands... I don't know what kind of luck it can bring :)

  2. this is my favorite station